Wednesday, December 24, 2008

black story

Detective John McCallan enters the scene. The victim has his face buried on the keyboard of his computer. Although dead for many hours, he's still seated in his chair and appears to have fallen forward to take a nap. The longest nap.

- What was this fucker's name?
- Simon Lorefield, sir.
- And what the fuck did he do for a living?
- Something with computers.
- Motherfucker.

This was beginning to be too frequent. McCallan moved the mouse with a pen to stop the screensaver and see the last thing the victim saw. He wasn't surprised to check it was a holiday picture with a recently wed couple smiling.

- Another fucking DBTMP.
- Looks like it, yeah.
- It's a fucking plague now.
- It certainly is, sir.

McCallan left the crime scene. Driving his car back home he wondered how will this end. People uploading thousands of pictures to digital albums and then just sending the link to all their contacts. Death spread like a virus. Death by too many pictures. DBTMP.

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  1. Hace tanto tiempo que no leo en inglés que casi puedo decir que estoy aprendiendo!!!!!

    jajaja, y yo preguntándome "DBTMP?What the fuck is that?" Pues es una putada, porque como empiece la moda de enviar reportajes de novios por internet...¡la hemos cagado!

    Espero que no seas un visionario en este aspecto, jajaja!!!!

    Un saludo