Thursday, November 20, 2008

A vision of the future

I was in the Lost island. The picture is a proof, there I was, about to hit the button and save the world (at least for the next 108 minutes).

The guy in the picture is actually my digital self in Second Life, which I am using at the moment in order to investigate “Active learning with Multi-Users Virtual Environments to increase pupils’ motivation and participation in education” as part of the MUVEnation project. I enrolled 3 weeks ago.

But what would happen if in the future instead of that crappy representation on a screen you got to see, via ultra-high-quality goggles completely indistinguishable from reality, the same as if you were there, and you got to feel the same as if you were there, and you got to meet other real people there that you could see and be seen by? You'll have the opportunity to go wherever you want. You wouldn't physically be there, but it would be exactly as if you were there. Philosophically you wouldn't be there either, but, would that matter?

It's hard to put a date, but that day will come and we will not need teleportation like in the sci-fi movies, places will be brought to us electronically. As for the name of the virtual world, I don't really think Second Life will be appropriate anymore. I'd rather call it The Matrix.

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