Friday, November 30, 2007

How to get rich, fast

Obiously no one wants to get rich slow. My plan is the following: I am going to start a meteorite insurance company, don't know the name yet but it will be something like "MetInsComp" or more likely "Meteor Man", it has a nice ring to it. Maybe I'll compose a song to go with the ads, something like "There's a meteorite, coming to Japan, who you gonna call? Meteor Man!".
I plan to attract victims by demanding very cheap monthly rates and offering really big money in case the worst happens. There's never been a human fatality caused by a meteorite, the closest thing being a Venezuelan cow killed back in 1972. But I plan to stay away from Venezuela - not that their cows aren't more valuable than their president.

Comes Armageddon, I'll shred all the documentation and declare myself insolvent, Enron-style. And if worse comes to worst, I can even sell the wreck for a pretty penny - a mailbox hit by a meteorite was auctioned for $83000 in 1984. It's a win-win scenario.

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