Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My new inspirational heroine

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In my new watch I can edit a part of the screen to display a message. The problem was what to put on it... First I wrote

No eternal reward

which was the only part that I could fit in my tiny screen of the sentence "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn" a verse from Jim Morrison that is just another way of saying "Carpe Diem".

Then I saw in The Simpsons that there were bracelets with the inspirational acronym


meaning "What would Jesus do?", as a way to remind the carrier that Jesus was the ultimate example to be followed in their daily lifes (Homer believed the J in the bracelet stood for Jeppetto, but that's another history).
Not being to keen on having Jesus as a guide in everyday decissions, I chose my hero of the moment and had my watch display


where the B stands for Bauer, Jack Bauer.

But today I remembered an article I saw in a newspaper about a girl who locked herself in a car parked near the stadium of As Cancelas, in Santiago de Pontevedra (Spain), in order to cram for an exam. She only came out of the car for a few hours on the morning, presumably to eat and use the bathroom. The last piece of news on her was that she had been there for 25 days (Update: as of 5-July-2007, she was there for 160 days), and had had visits of social helpers and police to check for her mental health and inform her of alternatives to living in the car (the news article is here, in spanish). So now my watch displays...


meaning "What Would the Opositora of As Cancelas Do?".

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