Thursday, June 08, 2006

I, Anastasia

I am beginning to consider the possibility that when I fell in that mountain last March and sprained my knee I also had an amnesia attack and that I am not who people say I am but Anastasia Romanov, the lost daughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia - the people around me would be all Rasputin's henchmen.
Yes, I do not look like the girl in the picture, but that's not meaningful, since those pictures where taken in black and white too long ago. You would also say that my age, gender, accent, hair style, etc. does not fit, but then again, wouldn't that be exactly what you'd like me to believe if you were on Rasputin's payroll?


  1. Anonymous13/6/06 09:35

    Sam, stop smoking hashish... it makes no good to you!

  2. Shut up you Rasputin's thug!