Monday, October 24, 2005

Oriental horror films

After watching some oriental horror films (namely ringu, the ring, the ring 2, ringu 0, the grudge, Ju-on: The Grudge 2 and Chakushin ari: One Missed Call) I've developed a fright for japa/chinese people (can't tell between them). The other day, in a japanese restaurant, the waitress scared the bejesus out of me - she had long hair! I tried to behave, afraid that I was going to receive a phonecall shortly afterwards saying "You wirr die in seven days, plepale, fol I am going to kirr you". And I would be all like "Ok, but can you get me some miso soup and some sashimi. And more sake!".

If these horror films have taught us anything, it's that japa/chinese children are ill tempered and more dangerous than an epileptic wookie in an ewok's hut. Being a teacher in one of their kindergarten must be very well paid - if you live to talk about it, that is. I have no idea what people adopting oriental children think they are doing: just don't! It is only a matter of time before they begin with the killing, as soon as they grow long hair. They could be doing more productive things with their hair than hanging people with it: Pantene Pro V ads.

I was thinking (!) that it could be the rice what turns them into little killers, like what happened to gremlins. If so, rice should be avoided (it has a high glycemic index anyway). But then again, we eat a lot of rice where I come from (Valencia), and we don't go around killing people, screaming and materializing after dead (not that much anyway). Of course we never built a 2.500 km wall or are one of the most technologically advanced places. I guess we can call it even.


  1. hahahaaha!!! or what is the same: 'me parto!'. The funniest thing is the waitress' short speech... honestly, it's very good.
    I knew it was going to take some time until the next post, but it was worthy to wait ;)
    yes: ;) ;P =)

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