Wednesday, January 26, 2005


"tomorrow must be more
drink more dreams more bed more drugs
more lust more lies more head more love
more fear more fun more pain more flesh
more stars more smiles more fame more sex
but however hard i want
i know deep down inside
i'll never really get more hope
or any more time

(The Cure, "Want" - complete lyrics here , but you better listen to the song)

Funny as it seems, we abuse of the verb "want" when using it most of the times. For example, I can say "I want to be fitter" and yet I do not make any exercise or effort whatsoever... The reason for this odd behaviour is that either I actually do not want to be fitter or that I am stupid or fool (and it is even worse if you consider that none of the possibilities are exclusive). What happens is that instead of "I want to be fitter" I should have used "I wish I'd be fitter", because I am not really willing to pay the price associated with my desire. Wanting a thing and not doing whatever is in our power to fullfill our desire is a contradiction.
The same example can be found elsewhere: "I want to pass the exams" - then, you should study hard - "I want a better job" - then, look for ads and upgrade your cv -, etc. There are countless examples. We say carelessly that we want things but it is only seldomly that we are really ready to give whatever it takes to achieve our goal.

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