Tuesday, October 12, 2004

About a coin

"Money is good. It is important. Without money, daily survival
-- not to mention further development -- is impossible. So we are not
even questioning its importance. At the same time, it is wrong to
consider money a god or a substance endowed with some power of its own.
To think that money is everything, and that just by having lots of it
all our problems will be solved is a serious mistake."

Dalai Lama, interview excerpt found here

I was on a taxi heading home with Simba. We were going to split the bill, and then he found a euro coin in the seat, probably lost by some passenger. I was doubting whether we should use it to pay or hand it to the taxi driver, so I asked Miguel what would Dalai Lama do in that situation (such are my aspirations)... "He'd probably threw it into a slot machine", he said.

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