Monday, February 02, 2004

Things to keep in mind

"In short, as the proverb of Zarathustra says: 'What does it matter?' "

Friederich Nietzsche, "Thus spake Zarathustra".

A belief is growing inside my head: if you do good things, they come back. My own experience lately proofs that when an offender receives back neither hate nor indifference but kind actions, he will be proner to act better the next time.
I had an anger attack last saturday. It was caused by desperation and by me crashing with reality. It was caused by my being insecure. It was caused by many reasons but all of them have to do with things that I do not like about myself. Realizing that there are things to change is the first step towards being a better person. The willingness of becoming a better person should be in my head to help me decide which way to go.
Being a better person and living in such a way that will make me want to live my life exactly the same way over and over again should always be kept in mind. That is what Nietzsche's idea of Eternal Return, exposed in #341 of "The gay science", is all about.
Should always be present when making decissions the fact that all of us are going to die and that nothing will remain but the memories we share with our beloved ones.
And that we worry too much about trivial things and seldomly pay attention to the important ones.

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