Thursday, January 22, 2004


Fallen Angel's Dusk
Fallen Angel's Dusk,
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"Stupidity, delusion, selfishness and lust
torment our bodies and possess our minds,
and we sustain our affable remorse
the way a beggar nourishes his lice
Our sins are stubborn, our contrition lame;
we want our scruples to be worth our while-
how cheerfully we crawl back to the mire:
with few cheap tears washing our stains away! (...)

Baudelaire, "To the reader" (to read the whole poem click here)

Many times I have remembered these words since many times I believe I have felt exactly the same way the author was feeling. We keep deceiving ourselves in order to make our lifes easier,
thinking that we do not want to do the things that we can not possibly do,
thinking that it is our decission to do what is imposed on us,
thinking that it is up tp us to keep what we can not loose,
thinking that we do not want things that are beyond our reach,
thinking that it is in our hands to let go what is not ours to keep,
thinking that we are in control of our own life, when our life is controlled by mass media, government, peer pressure, anything but us.

There has to be something else.
And again it is easier to think so than to face a senseless meaning, easier than to look at nothingness in the eye and confront our empty fate.

Has there got to be something (anything) else?

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